Why I’m perfect for this job

Why am I perfect for this job?

I want this to be more than just another blog. I want to create a movement, and I want that movement to be about YOU. I’m an experienced blogger with a passion for living life to the fullest. If chosen, I promise I’ll do my best to:

• Create an active “comment community” where we can share our experiences, tips, and a few laughs

• Grow the scope of the blog WAY beyond my two cents by leveraging my voracious curiosity about others and involving them (you!) in the creation of this blog

• Search out the most interesting and inspiring stories about happiness

• Write about happiness in a way that real people living real lives can relate to

• Provide you with valuable resources that will aid you on your own quest for happiness

• Approach each post with an open mind and a great sense of humor

• Share with you the ups and downs of my own exploits (which I will make as interesting as possible – I’m not afraid to be the guinea pig and am ready to take on almost any challenge.)

• Make this a fun and fulfilling experience for each and every reader and community member

Oh, and here’s the nitty-gritty on my professional qualifications:

• Writing experience: I’ve been journaling since I was seven years old, blogging professionally for the last three years, and am just about to launch my own small biz marketing brand.

• Solid, working knowledge of the Internet and social media: Yep. I live here. Blogs, facebook, twitter, communities (corporate and otherwise). I love this space. I love the potential to get people talking, thinking, and sharing. I love coming up with ways to use these tools in new and exciting ways – helping people connect, explore, and discover.

• Positive attitude and strong work ethic: Although I have down days like anyone else, I’m typically an overly optimistic and enthusiastic person … a bit of a “Pollyanna,” really. As for the strong work ethic, ask me for references. I can deliver.

• Organized: Total type-A when it comes to keeping things on track. I’ve spent the better part of my last 15 years as a Web dev project manager (aka “herder of cats”) juggling schedules, budgets, teams, and clients for multiple million-dollar projects.

• Self-starter: Is there any other kind? I’m motivated from start to finish. I’ve been working remotely for the past three years and have never failed to get up in the morning and kick butt despite being the only person in my “office.” 

• Efficient and responsible:  You want productivity systems? I got ‘em. You want no-hassle, on-time delivery? Check. Attention to the tiny details (and with blogs, there are many!) as well as big picture thinking to take things to the next level? Check and check. When I take on a project, I own it. Whether it’s for myself, a client, or a third party; I will care about the quality and – more importantly – the outcome as much as any other person on the team. I promise.

Thanks for considering me!

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