Why am I doing this?

I’d obviously like to land this gig, but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? Why is this particular gig so appealing?

The money. Let’s just get this one out of the way up front. I would absolutely love to have the nice paycheck that accompanies the contract for this gig. I’m a freelance writer who also happens to be a single mom. Six months of guaranteed work sounds pretty nice.

Because helping people find happiness is something I care about. My blogger byline often includes the fact that I “believe in daily chocolate, small kindnesses, and happy endings.” Ultimately, life is not about what you’ve accomplished, but how much happiness you’ve brought into the world – for yourself and for others. I’d love to share my thoughts about happiness, and to help others discover how to create their own happiness.

This gig offers the opportunity to create a community. As an enthusiast working on the social Web, I get really jazzed about creating communities. I’ve been fortunate enough to work professionally with two top-notch mom communities – Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter and the new blog/facebook star, Fans of Being a Mom. I love pulling people together to connect, share ideas, create new conversations and even movements. I think the Good Mood Blog has great potential to do just that, and I’d love to be a part of the catalyst that gets people involved.

And that’s it, really. No pitch for world domination or building a platform for a best-selling self-help book. Mostly, I’d just like the chance to get paid to do what I love, and – hopefully – make some new friends and help some folks along the way.

Thanks for visiting and for voting.

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