How do I maintain my good mood?

How do you maintain your good mood naturally?
There’s no silver bullet when it comes to maintaining a good mood. Thankfully, there are many things you can try. If one thing doesn’t work, another surely will. For example …

I have a personal arsenal of tricks for mood overhauls. On some days, a little crazy dancing in my living room does the trick. On other days, I need a good, long walk in the woods. Sometimes, pushing my obligations to the back burner so I can have a little fun with my Kindergartner is just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes a phone call with my mom or a girlfriend can bust me out of a slump. I have a whole list of movies that can lift my spirits, and I’ve got a fair number of blogs and Web sites that can deliver a little happiness fix as well. Taking a positive action of any kind is another surefire way to boost my confidence, and therefore, my mood. Working out, completing a task, taking a risk – each of these has the potential to make me a happier girl. One of my tactics is to unexpectedly boost someone else’s mood. Nothing makes you feel so good (or empowered) as springing a little spontaneous kindness on someone.

The bottom line, as you’ve heard a thousand times before, is that happiness comes from within. For me, maintaining my good mood is less about what I do and more about how I perceive my world and myself. It’s about finding my place, discovering my purpose, and then making the most of both. It’s about considering other people’s happiness at least as much as my own. It’s about paying it forward and sharing the laughter when we all get there together.

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