About Me


My name is Jamie Lee & I’ve lauched this mini blog so that I can share with you a little bit about myself, and – hopefully – convince you to vote for me in the SAM-e “Good Mood Gig Talent Search (see huge, honkin’ button at the right). This blog will give you a taste of what the Good Mood blog might be like with me at the wheel.

If you like what you see, I hope you’ll take a moment to vote for me and share this link with anyone else who might be interested in helping my cause.

Thank you!


Some “vital stats:”

  • I’m a happily single mom who loves every minute (ok, almost every minute) of raising my nearly six year-old daughter. She teaches me something new each day … whether I like it or not!
  • I signed up for the 2009 National Novel Writing Month event – November will see me cranking out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I’m glad it’s a quantity drill only – quality is optional.
  • I’m an ex equestrian who can’t wait to someday get back to riding.
  • I sing backup for the Eric Colville Band.
  • I believe in daily chocolate, small kindnesses, and happy endings.

The “professional” stuff:

  • I’m a freelance marketer and writer, and a social Web enthusiast.
  • I’ve been mommy blogging professionally for a few years now. You can read my current work at BabyCenter’s MOMformation blog and also at the Fans of Being a Mom blog. (We have a facebook fan base of over 400,000 moms and growing – fabulous group!)
  • I also blog professionally on a B2B marketing blog that I co-founded this past spring with five other fabulous freelance writers. We’re known around the B2B blogging circle as the “Savvy Sisters” and have WAY too much fun writing about a topic many consider less-than-exciting.

Thanks again, so much, for coming by. Here’s to your happiness and good mood!


For more “411,” check out:


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