What’s This All About?

I bet you’d like to know why I’m writing this blog, and – more importantly – why the heck I’m bugging you all the time to vote for me (every day, for goodness sake!). Well, here’s why:

The Nature Made vitamin company is holding a “Good Mood Gig Talent Search” to find just the right blogger for their Good Mood blog. The winner of this talent search will be awarded a well-paid, six-month blogging gig. I’d like to land the gig. 🙂

The competition takes place in two phases:

  • In phase 1, applicants need to leverage their personal and professional networks (as well as their knowledge of social media tools and basic PR practices) to get as many votes as possible on their SAM-e profile page. The twenty applicants with the most votes by November 6th will advance to phase 2.
  • In phase 2, these twenty applicants will create new content (both text and video), and once compete against each other for votes. However, in phase 2, the “popular vote” only counts for 20% of each participant’s overall score. The other 80% is based on input from the Nature Made staff and the folks at their agency – Ignite Social Media.

I hope you’ll to vote for me – and then vote for me again! – so that I can make the cut and get into round two.

Thanks for playing along. Your vote makes my day!

For more “411,” check out:


2 responses to “What’s This All About?

  1. Wish you all the best on your campaign, Jamie. You’re a great blogger and a nice person. That’s qualification enough for me!

  2. @John – Thanks so much … for coming by, and for the kind words. Meeting people like you is my favorite thing about the social Web. Cheers!

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