Start NOW

rosiehimageMy run at the Good Mood Gig may be drawing to a close, but I’m just getting started with this blog. Although I’m a little sorry that I won’t make the cut into round two (unless one of you has 5,000 friends who’d be willing to vote before Friday 😉 I feel like this really is the “start of something beautiful.”

You see, over the last year or so, I’ve been toying with the idea of launching my own blog. I have a notebook journal full of ideas, a domain name, a WordPress theme, and a lot of passion for my topic; but – until the Good Mood Gig Campaign gave me a much needed kick in the arse, I hadn’t done much about actually STARTING my blog. I hate to admit it, but if it hadn’t been for the jumpstart the contest gave me, my ideas would probably still be gathering dust amidst the pages of that journal and in the back of my mind.

Do you have an idea or a project you’ve been thinking of for a while? What’s stopping you from starting? They say the first step is the hardest, but it’s also one of the most exhilerating parts of any endeavor. With each first step, you embark on an adventure that could lead anywhere, you fill your world with new possibilities. Like most things, starting becomes easier with practice. Though at first you may struggle to take each first step, eventually, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier. Soon, your starts will lead you to new experiences that you would have missed if you hadn’t taken those first steps. Starting also sometimes leads to finishing, but that’s a story for another day.

Today, I hope you’ll think about starting something. It doesn’t matter what it is; all that matters is taking that first step. Go for it. Free yourself of any weighty expectations. Don’t think about the finishing, just focus on the starting. There’s a pretty good chance that your journey may take you places you never expected; but you won’t go anywhere until you take that first step.

Photo Credit: Rosie Hardy


4 responses to “Start NOW

  1. I, for one, cannot wait for that new blog! This has been a fantastic start!

  2. Yes, continue this blog! You know, on top of Nano! *grin*

    I always have an upcoming project in my back pocket. I’ve had small garden table that’s been waiting for me to add mosaic tile and grout all summer. Also, I’ve been meaning to sand my little Goodwill-find kitchen table, get my husband to Sharpie an outline for a dragon mural on it’s top, paint the mural, cover with Minwax…you get the idea. I have to go back to the sucky conversation that my NaNo characters are having, now. *grumble *

  3. @Rebecca – Thanks! I’m so glad you’ll be along for the ride! 🙂

  4. @Shangrila – I’m honored that you took time away from the sucky conversation of your characters to visit my blog … though I should probably be cracking a whip on your backside and telling you to get back to work. 😉 I’m like you as far as multiple, “back-burner” projects go … but I don’t mind. I’d always rather have too much enthusiasm for doing “stuff” than be bored. Always.
    Now, back to those NaNo characters. I’ll be in catch up mode later tonight! 🙂

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