How to easily turn on your good mood

ericHDo you have a personal soundtrack? I highly recommend getting one.

Whether you capture it on your iPod or 8-tracks, a collection of songs that put a little extra spring in your step is a valuable asset and a gift that keeps on giving. The right music can calm your nerves, bolster your courage, and brighten your mood. The right music mix can be a highly effective health tonic with no side effects (unless you count involuntary toe-tapping ).

Here are 10 grooves that always do the trick for me with a random pick for the embedded video:

  1. Amazing – Josh Kelley
  2. New Shoes – Paolo Nutini
  3. Stitched Up – John Mayer with Herbie Hancock
  4. Sounds Like This – Eric Hutchinson
  5. Rock & Roll – Eric Hutchinson
  6. Ok It’s All Right With Me – um … Eric Hutchinson again 🙂 … see below
  7. Agua del Pozo – Alex Cuba
  8. Don’t Tell Me – Soulive
  9. Legendary – Hamilton Loomis
  10. Fibre De Verve – Paris Combo

So … what tunes get your mood into an upswing?


2 responses to “How to easily turn on your good mood

  1. LOL-I’ve got Rock & Roll on my cell as the ringtone. As for my soundtrack? Two words: Jason Mraz! Oh wait! In the car, 4 words: Judy Garland’s Greatest Hits!

  2. Hey, Shangrila! 🙂 Love your birdie avatar – too cute!
    I haven’t downloaded any of Eric’s songs, but I’m definitely going to – loving his stuff!
    And – YES!! – Jason Mraz … loving him, too. The hit “I’mYours” … SO fun to sing & I love the lyrics.
    LOL re: Judy Garland. I only know “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” but I’ve been known to belt out a few tunes from “Hello Dolly” when no one’s looking!

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