I’m officially an underdog – Arf! Arf!

dogphotov42_200pI wonder if this is what Rocky felt like as he stepped  into the arena with Apollo, or David as he gazed skyward at the imposing silhouette of Goliath.

In “honor” of slipping in the polls (today sees me 500 votes out of the 20th spot), I have temporarily changed my facebook profile pic to an image of a begging underdog. My dad helped me create the little critter yesterday. My furry alter ego embodies both the underdog nature of my run for this thing, and my constant begging for votes. (I apologize to all my very tolerant and patient friends. It will all be over in just a few, short weeks.)

So – I’m an underdog in desperate need of votes. Where’s the good mood in that, you ask?

In the act of trying and all the lovely support I’ve received so far. Whether I make the cut into round 2 or not, I am enjoying every moment of this experience. Like a child, I am living in this moment and taking the time to appreciate all there is to appreciate. This project has lit a fire under my butt in a big way – pushing me to launch a personal blog (something I’ve been thinking about for years), requiring me to reach out to both old friends and complete strangers (rekindling connections and forging new ones). and it’s drawing me deeper into a conversation about how to be happy (what it means to be happy and how to get there).

Perhaps most important of all, I feel so fortunate to have friends and family who are so willing to support me (daily!) and even share my quest with their own networks. It’s a big deal to ask your friends for a favor on behalf of someone they don’t even know, and I appreciate each and every time someone takes that extra step and shares my post with their friends. (Shout out to Jimmy R, Mimi, my sis, cowboy Chris, Renee the renegade, my mom and dad, and others.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’d really, really like a shot at participating in round 2 of this competition (hence all the pestering for votes), but – even if I don’t make it – I will have enjoyed the experience for the journey it is. Sometimes, happiness is borne of the doing, not the finished product. Thanks to everyone who is keeping me company on this journey. I hope you’re enjoying the “doing” as much as I am.

TGIF & have a great weekend.


This post is part of my Good Mood Gig Campaign. If you’re enjoying your visit, I hope you’ll consider voting for me. Thanks for sharing your day. Here’s to your good mood!


One response to “I’m officially an underdog – Arf! Arf!

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